The Instragram "Follower Quality Test"

So you have a nice amount of followers. Now what? The "Follower Quality Test" is a program developed by Breeze Entertainment Inc. to test the quality of your followers. BEI also wants to reward you for your efforts in gaining such a following.

If you are aspiring to be successful in any career, we can devise a plan to get you there with the help of your followers. So artists, models, singers, etc., here is a chance to further your career at no cost to you. All you need to do is your thing.


How it works:

You must have an Instagram account with followers. The more the better.

Fill out the contact form below.

We contact you and will conduct an interview.

During the interview, we find out what products and services you need to further your career.

We will create a page dedicated to you, with all the products and services you choose.

On that page, you along with BEI, will drive your followers who want to help you in your career to your dedicated campaign page.

Once on the page the followers will choose to donate to your cause by purchasing those items for you.

We both post the campaign on our pages, and frequently let the followers know about the campaign, and how it benefits you.

The campaign lasts for 3 weeks minimum, where followers are directed to your page on the site to purchase a product or service.

As products and services are bought for you by your followers, BEI will find these items.

Once the campaign is over we will give the products or services to you.

Based on your follower participation, BEI will give your followers a grade. The grade represents the supportive nature of your followers. (If you promote on IG, the grade can be used a bargaining tool for possible promotions)


If for any reason a product or service is not available, we will find a comparable product or service.

Delivery of products and services will be via mail, email, or personally by staff.

Any and every part of the process may be filmed or recorded for audio and video to use for marketing and advertising.

Photos and written correspondence may be copied and used for marketing and advertising.

All film, recording of both audio and video may be used for advertising and marketing purposes.