Radiant Again & Forever

Radiant Again & Forever

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s a gynecologist—and more importantly, a woman—I fully understand the emotional and physical wilderness you may
be experiencing: Perimenopause. Menopause. Weight gain. Fatigue. Mental fog. Lack of or no sex drive. And more. A tyrant one minute, the next, bursting into tears, feeling like your world has fallen apart. You may feel lost. And alone. But rest assured … you are neither lost nor alone.

I’m here to help you get your life back. My approach encompasses a new approach called Regenerative Medicine, which identifies the root causes of symptoms and applies creative solutions based on hormonal balance, genetic composition, inflammatory triggers, toxic exposures and unique, emotional problems.

In my 30 years of practice, I’ve helped more than 40,000 women regain control of their lives. And even more! Many of my clients go beyond the ordinary and accomplish the extraordinary, fulfilling their life’s true purpose. Some have established thriving nonprofits; some have embraced new levels of spirituality; others are running successful companies. Still, others have become artists and writers, and even better wives, mothers, and lovers. You too can accomplish what you were truly born to do… but first, let’s get you better, physically and emotionally.

In my book, I offer you a new way of experiencing life—a transition away from the pain, suffering, confusion and health problems and moving to embracing happiness, youthful vitality, confidence, and natural beauty. Each chapter of “Radiant Again and Forever” follows a woman’s story, and you’ll be able to evaluate how your symptoms might be similar to hers. Yes, you will literally diagnose yourself as well as your friends, sisters and mothers based on what you read. You’ll understand what is happening to your body and empower yourself towards healing and wholeness.

We women are all in this together. After you become healthy and whole again, I encourage you to become a guide and beacon for others.